Zelga Simone Miller United Kingdom
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A constantly evolving lexicon of characters is created which when combined allude to a narrative of solitude and personal reflection. The intention is to create a dialogue, pose a question – to have the conversation. Whatever the subject or medium each image and each stroke is individual yet the sum is far greater than its component parts. Whether in colour or monochrome, images convey an assembl

My work explores our search for a safe space and the need for transition in both a psychological and literal sense. Through surreal composites and recurring characters, I seek to represent the confines of the mind, the stasis of the everyday and the psychological impact of trauma. Images are framed by the weight of emotion and a feeling of confinement coupled with the need for transition and the search for a calmer shore.

Works combine a narrative rich with emotion, raising questions around memory, safety, loss of control and ultimately hope as a means of survival. Using line, trace and the moving image, boundaries are represented, confines evoked and a sense of life in suspension alluded to. Layering, movement and repetition are explored using a variety of mediums which include pastel, acrylic and charcoal together with moving image, decal on glass, frieze and scroll.

I often use drawing to place the viewer within the confines of a room, a proxy for the mind where memories are laid bare and truths unfold. All are replete with the phenomenology of memory and thoughts relating to resilience, attachment and our need to escape the past.


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