ZOË.E.ADAMS United Kingdom
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Modern, semi abstract impressionist artist with colour and pattern dominating the choice of subject. Seeking opportunities to display work in public spaces. Office spaces, apartments, restaurants, hotels and cafés as well as the very personal place we call home. Printer and team available for large installations.

There is no denying my favourite paint is oil paint. There is nothing I love more than spreading oil paint like butter across a flat smooth surface. I am attracted to colour, tone, texture and pattern. The subjects I paint are broad and varied, but they are always something that evoke an emotional response inside of me. I like to try and capture the moment. Like a unique personal ‘time capsule’, to be shared with others and give them an emotional response. With over 30 years business experience in 2016, I changed my life forever to follow my need to paint and create. I bought a small second home in Abruzzo, Italy, which has played a vital role in my life from then. I spend a number of months a year, mostly to paint and to develop my art. An exhibition of my work was displayed in the summer of 2016. A solo exhibition was due to take place summer 2020 but has been postponed to summer 2021. I am interested in having works on public display. Three large pieces have been commissioned and installed in apartment blocks in my home town Leicester UK. To expand into Restaurants, hotels, hospitals and office space also interests me. Having my work hanging in peoples homes is an honour and a privilege. In this process of emerging as an artist, you never quite know where it is going to take you. Uncertainty has become one of life’s great adventures and luckily I have the experience to enjoy wherever that might take me.


Italian hill village, Oil paint, 2016 -2019

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Stripes, Oil paint, 2018-2019

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The fig leaf no.1 no. 3 no. 4, Oil paint on black acrylic paper, 2020


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    Dall' Oscurità

      Borgo Valle Vechia  |    Exhibition  |    21/08/2021 to 29/07/2021

    Dall' Oscurità - From the Darkness' A series of paintings exploring the personal relationship with nature and the affect it has on our life and emotional well being. A metaphorical personal journey that could also be likened to the emergence into a new life of freedom and discovery. This work was brought about after being starved from nature during the pandemic.

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Projects and exhibitions


Belvior House (Due to be Installed 31 July)


Commission of public works in a traditional apartment block in Leicester, due to be installed on 31 July 2020.

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Templar House


Commission of public works for a modern apartment block in Leicester city centre.

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St George's Mill


Commission of public works for display in city centre apartment block.

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