Louise Beer London, United Kingdom
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Louise uses installation and photography based work to explore our evolving understanding of the universe and the changing philosophies and purposes we impose on life, and the impact that this has on an individuals brief moment of existence within our seemingly eternal cosmos.

Combined with an understanding of the seemingly beyond-the-imagination current scientific theories of the beginning of the universe to the very nature of reality, the artist endeavours to highlight humanity’s infancy of understanding of the universe and that we remain in a time where even the implausible is possible.

Louise Co-Directs three art collectives, Pale Blue Dot Collective, Aether and Lumen. Aether focuses on curating white-space group exhibitions of national and international artists. The exhibitions are not only bound by a strong aesthetic but also the artists interpretation of our pursuit of astronomy, and the fragility of the life that exists on Earth within the context of the universe.

Lumen is a collective with a gallery space in the Crypt of St John on Bethnal Green Church in London. Lumen curates exhibitions, residencies, events and talks within churches around the symbolism of light within Christianity and the application of light in our scientific pursuit of space. The intention of each event is to create a dialogue around the contemporary understanding of existence. The collective runs a 20 artist residency in Italy each September where the artists visit observatories, the private library of the Monks’ at Monte Cassino, which holds some of the first astronomical texts printed and exhibit in a local church. The residency culminates in an exhibition at the Crypt Gallery in Euston, a film and a publication.

Pale Blue Dot Collective is a new curatorial and research project that attempts to raise awareness of ecological concerns, in collaboration with John Hooper. Through exhibitions, performances, screenings and symposiums we endeavour to bring a new perspective about the detrimental impact of climate change, not only us as individuals, our societies but all life and all environments. Framing the impact through the eyes of evolution and the immense time period it has taken for each form of life to arrive at this point, we want to create a space for discussion around the damage we are collectively participating in and its universal impact.

Louise Co-Directs Print Science, a research project with photographer John Hooper. This project is centred around finding historical representations of the night skies and the philosophies that have been imposed on them. Print Science collects 19th and early 20th century astronomy books and photographs the plates and engravings, preserving the books’ integrity for future generations. These images are then restored and presented with a contemporary aesthetic that captures humanity’s wonder of the heavens.

Louise is also the Co-Director of super/collider, a creative agency that specialises in curating science based talks, exhibitions, workshops, field-trips and pop-up astronomy clubs. super/collider is currently involved in projects with Second Home, the Ace Hotel and Bompas and Parr.

Louise was born in 1986 in New Zealand, and has lived in London for over 16 years. Louise graduated from Central Saint Martins with an MA in Art and Science.


In Saturating Blackness, 2017

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In the Beginning, 2018

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Infinite Journey, Moving Image, 2018

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Preservation of Visible Starlight, Mixed Media, 2018

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Solo, Mixed Media, 2018

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Photon Film, 2017

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Gathering Light, Mixed Media, 2017

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Untitled, Mixed Media, 2017


Beneath the Moon's Gaze, Sound Installation, 2018

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Vision Fields, Installation, 2019


Te Ao, Photography, 2019

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Previous projects


A Pale Blue Dot Collective: Martin Rees

11/04/2018 to 20/04/2018

Lord Martin Rees/ Pale Blue Dot Collective

Lord Rees was generous enough to answer one of our own questions, about the impact that finding other life in the universe would have on us as individuals and as society as a whole. Lord Rees' moving response has sparked a new part of our research project.


Nablus Festival, Nablus, Palestine Details
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