Derek Anderson Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom
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A trained silversmith, Derek Anderson has spent the past 30 years developing his affinity with metal and now creates a range of sculptures using aluminium, brass, copper, steel and silver.

After many years working with metal, Derek expanded his expertise by learning the skills of a blacksmith in order to be able to create the specialist tools required for his art work. By employing the art of direct sculpting, he hammers directly into sheet metal combining fire and passion to create his unique sculptural pieces. From small floral items to larger botanical and animal sculptures, his work is mainly inspired by natural forms, although a small number are of a more abstract nature. Whilst some pieces follow a theme, because every item is individually created with hammers, each is unique in its own right.


Brass or copper roses

Medium: Copper / brass

These life-sized roses in brass or copper are individually made using hammers I have either adapted or made in a blacksmiths forge. This guarantees the uniqueness of each bloom. Just as the sun, wind and rain shape natural flowers, so fire, hammer and passion form my metal blooms into an individually created metal sculptured rose. No two flowers can ever be the same which ensures the ownership of an original piece of art.


Animal heads

Medium: Aluminium

These animal heads, individually hammered out of sheet aluminium, aim to create an emotional link with the viewer. The Antelope and Ram skulls have larger eye sockets to give the impression of sadness now their lives are over. The Black Rhino’s eyes depict an animal with poor eyesight and a short temper, whilst the swimming Water Buffalo has a look of fear as it worries about what may lie beneath the ripples of the pool it is swimming across.


Marine life

Medium: Steel

Reminiscent of childhood trips to the seaside, these sea creatures are created using mild steel. Some pieces, such as the lobster and whale tail, are treated with heat to create a rainbow shimmer. Others, such as the small crab and kelp are given a finish to mimic their natural colouring when found on the seashore.

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