Andrey Chugunov Lanarkshire, United Kingdom
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He got a master's degree in Digital art at the FEFU in Vladivostok, Russia in 2020. He received an engineering degree in alternative and renewable energy sources at the UrFU in Yekaterinburg, Russia in 2013. Andrey won the “New Faces” award in the Art division at the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival in 2018. He was a nominee for Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary in the category "Science Art" in 2020.

Working with media as material, I explore the process of memory's "fading" as a fragile construct in the flux of constant personal re-assembly. In the process, memory appears as a living and self-contained material, bounded not only by the function of storing sterile data. In this approach, the aspect of temporality itself is actualised. The world can be seen as a dynamic network of objects that keep their material configuration for different amounts of time. In the boundary zone, one matter can interact with another. In this case, the chains of object interactions can be flexibly shaped. And material boundaries are permeable and hidden on micro- and macro-levels. What also becomes essential in this consideration is the unstoppable being-to-death - mortality. The tabooing of society's weak tolerance for the themes of death and its acceptance as yet another event in the succession of life processes continues to spin people in the crumbling, endlessly accelerating, roaring attraction of capitalism. I believe that accepting one's finitude is a step towards co-creative living with the objects included in the world. However, within my work, I try to ensure that the image of mortality that emerges is not literal and vulgar, but tangible. The synchronisation/desynchronisation of the temporality of humans and other objects/processes helps in this.