Angela Eames East Sussex, United Kingdom
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Angela Eames is an artist/drawer who has been working within drawing/computing space since 1987 and has exhibited work (from drawings in graphite on paper, through large format digital imaging, through to video works) in this country and abroad. She uses line and in particular the accumulation of hand drawn or computer generated line - forged through pencil, pixel, polygon, vertex and spline.

"Eames takes raw data from her ongoing drawings/photographs, the web and planetary science archives and processes it, creating new scapes. She builds, composites and optimises her images, to produce unfamiliar images or landscapes - images foreign to everyday human experience. Her work is best defined by its intense but delicate craftsmanship and by the transformation of commonplace image/object into works of art. Eames contradicts the generic and mass-produced with something essentially handmade, imbuing her images with an unanticipated sense of place; here and/or there, now and/or then, in front of and/or behind. Her work generates a dialogue between modernity and history, observation and fabrication, nature and urbanity and the relationship between process and idea.” (Alejandro Ball - Curator of Art-Gene, Digital U - Extreme Views.)

Angela Eames attended Johannesburg School of Art in South Africa where she undertook her first Foundation course in Art and Design. On completion she returned to England to attend Farnham School of Art on a second Foundation course. From 1971 thro’ to 1974 she studied Fine Art Painting at Bath Academy of Art in Corsham gaining a place to study Fine Art/Experimental place at the Slade School, London in 1974. Her work as both artist and teacher instigated a return to study in 1991 to complete a Masters in Computing in Art and Design at Middlesex University under the tutelage of John Lansdowne. As an artist whose practice has continuously involved the exploration of drawing in direct relation to technology, she received a Doctorate in Drawing at Wimbledon School of Art and the University of Surrey in 2000.


AGINCOURT I and AGINCOURT II, Giclee print, 2017, POA

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BRIGHTON and CLIFTONVILLE, Archival print on stretched canvas, 2018, POA

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PLUTO PASSING #1 and #2, Archival print on stretched canvas, 2018, POA

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SKYRIPPER #2 and SKYRIPPER #3, Archival print on Dibond, 2019, POA

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PIXEL-RIP #1 and PIXEL-RIP #2, Archival print on Dibond, 2019, POA

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WATERMARK/FLATLAND (paper), Giclee print, 2019, POA

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WATERMARK/FLATLAND (canvas), Archival print on stretched canvas, 2019, POA

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Projects and exhibitions



01/11/2019 — 20/01/2020

Digital U is an online exhibition space for artists working in digital media, including film, animation, video and sound. It’s a platform that selected artists take control of to exhibit their work: either presenting single artworks or a series.

ART-GENE, Barrow-in-Furness Details



A all-day Masterclass in Drawing held at Linden Hall Studio Gallery in Deal. “Everyone can draw. Far from being a rare gift, only possessed by artists among us, drawing can be as natural and instinctive to us as breathing – if we let it. When practiced mindfully, drawing has the power to effortlessly lead us into a deeper relationship with...

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Linden Hall Studio Gallery, Deal Details


01/09/2018 — 20/02/2019

Drawing Distinctions was curated by Clive Burton and Charles Wimmer. A selection of drawings by London Group members (which could be transported easily) travelled to be exhibited in the Furlong Gallery, Menomenie , USA alongside a selection of drawings by artists working within Stout University, Menomenie. The drawings then travelled to...

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UK/USA exchange exhibition between The Cello Factory and The Furlong Gallery., London, UK and Menomenie, USA. Details



A all-day Masterclass in Drawing held at Linden Hall Studio Gallery in Deal. Looking, recording, seeing and drawing, spaces, places and objects. Regular or random, sharp or soft, fixed or free, known and unknown. Mixing, matching and making something new through drawing. Something that you’ve never seen before... but might have been there...

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Linden Hall Studio Gallery, Deal Details

SCAPE - An exhibition of Drawings by Angela Eames

05/08/2018 — 26/08/2018

Some forty eight works were exhibited in both upper and lower galleries ranging from smaller framed prints to larger scale works on canvas or framed behind glass. "These drawings explore the ambivalent nature of our experience of reality. They comment on time past in relation to time present anticipating time future. They reference natural...

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Linden Hall Studio Gallery, Deal Details
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