Chloe Reynolds West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Graduating from Leeds Arts University in Fine Art (Painting) 2017, Reynolds has exhibited nationally and internationally. Currently, she is working towards applying to a Masters's for next year.

Chloe Reynolds originally from Bradford, her studio is based at Assembly House in Leeds.

Graduating from Leeds Arts University in 2017, since then she has worked internationally and throughout the UK, completing a handful of residencies such as the ChaNorth Residency in Upstate New York. She is currently working towards a residency in May, at The Fish Factory Arts in May, at the end of the exhibition she will exhibit the work created.

Reynolds will return to Leeds Arts University this year in September to study for her Masters's.

The Process. Reynolds's new work is working from photographs and digital drawings of women.

She draws the women on the iPad from photographs and then uses this source material to paint from. She colour plans the figures on the iPad saving money on paint; it also distances her from the original image, enabling her to paint the figure.

Reynolds is drawing with paint and is interested in making women the key figure in the work. Looking at the female gaze from different angles.

Currently, she is downsizing and looking at making smaller works, there’s more intimacy in smaller works Reynolds says. However she does enjoy working on a larger scale, scale is carefully considered when making a painting.

Reynolds is interested in the female gaze and her own experiences in womanhood. Looking at different compositions to portray her protagonists. Photography is a big influences in her work and is interested in how visual language changes from medium to medium.


'Missing Hugs', 2021


'Florence', 2021


Studio, Oil on canvas., 2021


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