Chlo Elizabeth West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Recent Leeds Arts University Graduate, specializing in painting, originally from Bradford West Yorkshire. Chlo Elizabeth was recently shortlisted at her degree show for the Aon community art award, four of her paintings were selected to exhibit at the Leadenhall Building for a year.

Elizabeth is interested in how painting from the photographic image changes it’s language, integrating the past and the present together through the material qualities of paint. She uses personal source material, such as old photographs and news articles to feed the narrative of the paintings, with hints within the titles of the painting’s intent.

Figurative painting is core to her practice; she’s always been interested in employing the self-image into the work, which consequently fits in with the times today, as we are constantly bombarded with the self-image through social media with the digital age. This had a great impact on how Elizabeth worked with the figure. Painting from the image becomes a way to re-evaluate the source material, it reconditions the presence creating a preternatural sense of ambiguity.


Untitled, Oil on canvas, 2017


Free Range Show Truman Brewery, 'Avin a RYT Mare' 'Lost Girl' 2017, Oil on canvas, 2017


Source material , 2017


Another world, 2018


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