Cristina Cerulli South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I trained as an architect and I am an academic/practitioner across architecture and sculpture. I am a studio holder in the Ceramics Starter Studio Programme at Yorkshire Artspace, where I have been developing my sculpture practice concerned with embodied explorations of materiality that value failure, fragility, and accidents to redefine strenght and acceptance.

My architecture and academic work is concerned with the collective production of the city - working with people, negotiating desires and priorities, alongside pragmatics of resources and policies - in contrast, my sculpture practice, primarily using ceramics, is concerned with unconstrained explorations of thoughts through the hands, clay, found objects and accidents.

My sculpture work explores the collective dimension through bringing together many, parts - each inconsequential and disposable - to create relatively stable configurations. This work values, highlights and celebrates fragility and failure, questioning ubiquitous narratives of success and excellence and reflects on acceptance, resilience, time and fitness.

Being weak is ok Falling apart is ok Latch on Reach out

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