Daniel Bryden Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom
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Daniel Bryden (b.1997) is an multi-disciplinary artist, writer, and musician from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England. Using experimental modes of storytelling and improvisation, he creates visceral works which critically engage with the edges of identity, linguistics, and technology. He has received commissions from BBC, Arts Council England, Sage Gateshead, and Brighter Sound.

I’m fascinated by the constraints and abstract possibilities of linguistics. What does a dialect without edges look like? What (or who) exists outside of formal language, and how might we express this through other methods?

Though my practice is multi-disciplinary and expansive, I believe my works are all connected by this intrinsic desire to dismantle the edges and disrupt the binaries.

Following my background as a performer of experimental musics, I take a raw and collaborative approach which hinges heavily on acts of physicality, improvisation, and chance. Everyday images are abstracted, dialogue playfully tangled, familiar phrases reconfigured into uncanny states. Visceral stories are told through snatches of breath and luminous fragments.

My practice is research based, with pieces being developed over long periods of discussion, exchange, and study. I seek to disrupt any form of stability within my creative process; always experimenting with new modes of production and models for collaboration, exhibition, and performance. Thematically, my work has critically engaged with themes such as queer community, & intimacy, communication, and technology.


Bodies, Sound, 2019


Automatic Towards , Video, 2021


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