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David Dunne’s work manifests in the interconnection between art, nature, science and technology. Dunne’s practice embraces Video, Audio, Installation, Sculpture and Photography.

David Dunne’s work manifests in the interconnection between art, nature, science and technology. Dunne’s practice embraces Video, Audio, Installation, Sculpture and Photography. The point of departure is through expropriation, entropy and recontextualization. His work has been influenced by the Arte Povera movement, in making botanical interventions and land art evolving from ideas of entropy, working with the notion of chaos, collapse and transformation. Working with steel,wood and low–tech archival electrical elements, this exchange of materials informs an intuitive response to particular archaic industrial situations and natural site-specific environments.



Medium: Steel fencing , raw sheep wool & LED lighting

This site-specific installation consisted of 9 networks /pods suspended from the ceiling and wraped around the existing 2 columns that extended along the upper landing. Fixed on each column LED lights projected linear shadows from the installation that extended from the ceiling along the walls.


Die Wende

Medium: Timber and elctrical elements

Site specific installation. Franz Flemming Str 9 Leipzig ,Germany. Intervention through the expropriation of organic and archaic electrical elements , following the return (die wende) to the natural order.



Medium: Galvanised steel, electrical cable and bees wax.

Field intervention antennae evolving from concept of entropy, working with the notion of chaos, collapse and transformation.



Medium: Steel, thorn and electrical element

Steel farm fencing , woven thorn & archaic DDR electrical element. The thorn derives from an aggressive plant that permeates the wastelands throughout Leipzig and the cities of Eastern Germany.



Medium: Steel and Coal

Steel Wire & Coal This work is fiction; the fact, any deposit of material awaiting the process of transformation becomes organic machinery, this machinery: coal acts as a self-replenishing force. In a unified field density remains the same in dark energy, this field draws on the notion of entropy in the thermodynamic sense of primary energy. This energy is transmitted through the movement of gravitational waves through expansion and inflation in the dream of a multiple universe.



Medium: Steel, Straw, Clay, Brambles, Wool, Plastic, & Electrical elements

Steel woven construction with straw, clay, raw sheep wool and electrical elements


Unique form of an electrical charge in space

Medium: Ceramic & copper wire

Electrical charge in space.


Past projects


Ev+a International A SENSE OF PLACE 2007

30/03/2007 to 24/06/2007

Curator: Klaus Ottmann Germany / USA Open ev+a 2007 presented 32 artists, of which 18 of Irish decent. The remaining 14 artists were from United Kingdom, continental Europe. Canada and the USA e.g. Artists: Antony McCall, Jasper Just, Enrique Martinez Celaya, Aura Rosenberg The exhibition was held in the city of Limerick, utilizing traditional and non-traditional venues chosen by the curator and the artists.

Limerick City Gallery., Limerick , Ireland. Details

Refuge Power-Debility

28/01/2017 to 28/02/2017

Solo exhibition Titled: Refuge Open Call, Power-Debility, Exhibition cycle of selected artists Berlin-Neukoln 2016-17 Curators: Jule Böttner & Jason Benedict kunst@werkstadt-berlin.com Catalogue essay by Jule Böttner in German and English. Refuge addressed the issues of refugee flight, migration and a place other than one’s home. Power and debility are mutually bound: facing one another, coinciding, or they can in extreme form become the opposite. Strength and weakness are deciding factors in both domestic and foreign policy: war, crisis, impoverishment, refugee flight, and protest are themes made particularly explicit in contemporary capitalism through a prism of might and impotence.

Werkstadt Arts Union, Berlin-Neukoln, Berlin-Neukoln , Germany. Details

Systema naturae

28/05/2016 to 19/06/2016

This solo exhibition at the Maskinhallen, Not Quite Arts Centre & Studios, a former paper mill included work in Video, Installation, Sculpture and Print, based on the writings of Carl Linnaeus that reflect separate observations on natural selection and the architecture of the human condition. www.notquite.se

Maskinhallen, Not Quite, Bruket, Fengerfors, Sweden. Details

Begehubgen No 14-Institut Potemkin

24/08/2017 to 27/08/2017

Begehungen No 14 edition is an annual arts and culture festival in Chemnitz, Germany. Open Call. Begehungen meaning (walkthrough) every year a different site is chosen in Chemnitz to hold the exhibition. I was selected as artist in residence with 3 other artists from Austria, Spain and Mexico. 23 international artists and collectives exhibited from a selection of 450 artists worldwide.

Kulturplast , Rabinstein, Chemnitz,, Chemnitz, Germany. Details
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