Pippa Eason Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
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Manchester based visual artist, working at COLLAR studios. Sculpture, digital work, still life object compositions, installations.

Pippa Eason makes sculptural/digital observations of the abstraction or perception of technology, social media, and accelerationism within the young contemporary art scene. They act as outlandish props for the near fictional imagery displayed on screen; they characterise themselves, crumbling from the cocoon of reality, into the pixel generated sub-human culture. The use of symbols for example: dollar signs, cacti, chains, graphic symbols, written word, monoliths and so on articulate the separation of art in life, against art on screen. These multi layered objects/digital counterparts serve as a signifier for the aesthetics of contemporary commerce, and internet scroll culture. Those aesthetics are then translated back into the cyber world, reiterating itself over and over again.


Totems, 2017, Clay, Marble , 2017


'Totems' 2017, Faux fur rug, clay , 2017


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