Sarah J Vaci Devon, United Kingdom
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I have two facets to my work, until recently I have been creating portraits with wool - often of political figures with a social comment or parody. More recently I have been exploring the fibrous quality of wool and creating art based around the human body. Often pushing the boundaries of tactile, visceral pieces that challenge the viewer both emotionally and physically.

In my previous work as an animator and filmmaker, I often used hair and the human body both as materials and subject matters. My films included topics such as our obsession with body hair removal, menstruation and premature ejaculation.

In recent years I have embraced wool both for a unique painterly medium, but also for it's sculptural, fibrous quality. All my work is focussed on humanity - whether it is characters such as political figures, or the body within. I have recently been working on collaborative pieces such as Eye Piece, 100 eyes created over 100 days and more recently have begun the #100nippleproject which will culminate in a large sculpture. I am also interested in aspects of mental health which led to my recent work "I'm just a little tired"


Who Rules the Roost?, Wool, 2017, 960


Origin of the Species?, Wool and paint, 2017, 960


#Eyecreate100, Wool, 2017, 2000


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