Sarah Vaci Artist Devon, United Kingdom
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I am a contemporary fibre artist specialising in felted wool art, occasionally combined with paint and other media. My work explores a dramatic sense of contrast in colour and light, as well as evoking emotions in the viewers. I strive to create realism while working in harmony with the unique textures and qualities of the wool.

Wool has a unique and fascinating tactile texture that I find truly inspiring. In my previous work as an stop frame animator, I often used hair and materials from nature in my films and this has informed my current interest in using wool, fur and hair in my pieces. I am inspired by the colours, textures and vibrancy of nature and love exploring a wide range of subject matters that work in harmony with the particular qualities wool possesses as well as aspiring to a surprising realism that challenge and move the viewer.

I have until recently focussed predominantly on creating realistic portraits of pets and people. Wool however has so much potential both as a 2 dimensional 'painterly' medium but also offers 3 dimensional sculptural possibilities that I am starting to explore. I have begun exploring contemporary and more challenging themes which are seldom seen using traditional 'craft' techniques such as felting, and I feel this contrast gives my work an unusual and captivating angle.


Who Rules the Roost?

Medium: Wool

A visual political pun commenting on the current President of the United States, he may strut like a rooster but many think he is simply something similar. The wool adds a unique texture to his face that reflects his character.


Origin of the Species?

Medium: Wool and paint

Darwin is seen in some spheres as the father of evolution, which at odds with creationism. This pieces is a visual pun portraying Darwin as a saint, perhaps gently shushing the non-believers. The artwork is enhanced by the contrast of gold paint in his halo with the softness of his face and curly wool in his beard.



Medium: Wool

This piece was created over 100 days. I recreated eyes in wool, one per day for 100 days. I alternated animal and human eyes, and have included some celebrities.

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