ieva pazemeckaite London, United Kingdom
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Ieva Pazemeckaite (ieva_bee) studied art from a young age at an art-based Primary and High School in Lithuania. Studied at the Lithuanian Art Academy where she decided to focus more on graphic design. Graduated BA Graphic design and Multimedia in the United State. My work is based of linocut prints and acrylic on canvas and mix media. Abstract, still life and figurative.

Ieva’s art work is focused on everyday objects that surround her in a positive childish way. She uses her imagination to create abstract still life compositions. Vibrant colours, black outlines and pattern create layers and strong contrast in her paintings. Ieva uses a combination of mediums to create tactile complex images.

Previous projects


Merton Art Festival, Open Studio

14/09/2018 to 23/09/2018

Open Studio for two weekend when public can come and see your space and work.

Open my own studio to a public., Merton Abbey Mills, London, UK Details


01/09/2018 to 28/09/2018

Acrylic on Canvas painting exhibition.

The Coffee in the Woods Cafe, Colliers Wood, London, UK Details

The Inner Quest

01/08/2018 to 22/09/2018

Linocut prints exhibition.

The Sultan Pub, South Wimbledon, UK Details

The inner Quest

01/04/2018 to 30/04/2018

Linocut prints exhibition at the cafe.

Rootsy Mill Cafe, Merton Abbey Mills, London Details
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