Marianne Kennerley Down, United Kingdom
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Marianne is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer, based in Northern Ireland, with a passion for: Making Things. Making things,better. Through the use of locally sourced things she searches for a method of reuse that benefits, engages and empowers the bigger community and challenges established thinking. Marianne intends her work to have an aesthetic and positive social outcome

The over arching theme to my creative practice is “Making Things. Making Things Better”. It is made up of three strands of work:- textile art, social design and community arts. These strands often weave together to create projects that disrupt the norm. My intention is to develop a multi-disciplinary practice that is centred around place: inspired by place, positively disrupting that place and ultimately benefiting place. These strands often weave together to create projects that disrupt the norm. My textile practice allows me to use the skills that I grew up around, trained in and am now passing on. Over recent years, because of a number of changes in my life, I returned to drawing , this is now feeding into my textile work and I am revisiting free-hand machine embroidery, developing my own hand-writing that bring the disciplines of drawing and textiles together. The theme of this work is place and people in place. I wish to provoke a reconnection to place. As we move online we are losing a connection to our place and to others. I have been capturing the everyday activities, actions and words of particular local places. The materials that I use are all of place, collections of old and forgotten fabrics that have been found and gathered locally. Salvaged sewing boxes that provide materials that have not yet lived. Discarded tools and machinery that have their own history. This work has developed organically over the last 3 years in line with other projects and is a theme that I see developing.


refound in bangor, Reclaimed furniture and fabrics, 2014


UniCycle - School Uniform Up-Cycle, found school uniforms , 2013


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