Rachelle Harrigan Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom
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Primarily a ceramic artist who likes to try new things and push the boundaries. Currently on a Master's course at the University of Sunderland

I am interested in making connections. Connections between people, between people and places and between places and emotions. I am interested in texture and the need to touch. I work mainly with stoneware to create functional pieces and any material to create the sculptures. My last body of work To The Heartwood was made up of six beings or figures that relate to resilience. They were created using found objects and unfired porcelain slip. After display they will eventually rot back to the earth and the process will start again.

The current project is looking at the conflict between the visible surface and what lies beneath. We are all wearing armour, a protective layer that hides our true selves and I am looking at the relationship between what we see and what we know to be true.


Remembered, monoprint/digital, 2021, £25 each


For sale

Running Man, clay, 2021


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