Anne Haworth Lancashire, United Kingdom
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I am a ceramic artist using hand-building techniques of coiling, slabbing and mould-making. I use earthstone clays and parian porcelain. I have a Masters degree in Ceramics and a BA Hons in 3D design and Visual studies. My inspiration comes from the plant world above ground and under water. I use a limited palette of slips and underglazes and minimal use of glazes.

My artistic practice is informed by the plant world above ground and under water. Recent studies at Kew Gardens and the Botanic gardens in Edinburgh and Southport have resulted in a body of work which is concerned with repeat patterns in nature. During the course of my career I have worked as an independent artist, an arts tutor and have extensive experience of working with special needs groups. My work has been exhibited widely throughout the UK. I use several techniques of hand-building including coiling, slab-building and press moulding. I gather small items from walks along the seashore and in the woods near to my home and I make small moulds from them to use in my work. I love to create work which possesses a sense of life and energy. I experiment with colour in slips, glazes and underglazes and fire the work to stoneware temperature. I also experiment with small hand-held objects before embarking on larger scale sculptures. All of my pieces are one-offs.

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