Amanda Couch Surrey, United Kingdom
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Cutting across media, my practice researches, reinterprets and reimagines histories of the body, and ancient artefacts and rituals through the domains of performance, sculpture, photography, print and the book, food, participation, and writing. Often triggered by the processes and lived experiences of my own body, which are employed through the visceral as well as the narrative.

Much of my work engages with cooking, food and/or eating, to explore ‘visceral knowledge’: what David Hillman (2007) defines as, ‘knowledge experienced in as well as knowledge of the interior of the body’.

In recent work, especially Extispicy in the Everyday, the central theme engages the continued fascination with innards in the human imagination. The project reinterprets extispicy, the ancient practice of divination using the entrails, through a collapsing of human-environment binaries to investigate the interconnectedness of gut and world.

My work draws parallels between the practice of extispicy, the fields of new materialism, ecofeminism and recent neuro-gastroenterological research, which reveals that our digestive tract is the most important site where the external world meets our internal body, appearing to be inside our bodies but actually the exterior, outside the body border.


Our Palace of Intestines, live performance, sausage, pastry, , 2018


A Woman Holding a Liver, live performance, sheets liver,, 2016


Books as Bodies, Performance-lecture, 2019


The Liver Models Part of 'A Woman Holding a Liver' series, monotype on Chinese paper, 2016 - ongoing


Previous projects


Extispicy in the Everyday

05/07/2018 to 08/07/2018

‘Extispicy in the Everyday’ manifesting as an exhibition at the Ivy Arts Centre at the University of Surrey draws on work from the project to explore the continued fascination with innards and entrails in the human imagination. Through sculpture, print, collage/cutouts, video, and collected images as slide show. The ancient practice of...

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