Jennie McCall Ceramics United Kingdom
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My current work brings together years of professional practice in ceramics and mixed media. I create sculptural pieces and installations influenced by nature, myth and aspects of identity. I work with stoneware and porcelain clay but I increasingly enjoy the challenge and experience of using parian with it's sensual marble like qualities for many of my smaller sculptures.

I grew up in the Scottish Borders where I was constantly immersed and influenced by the local textile industry and from the rich source of folklore and local traditions. As a child I foraged and collected from the moment I realised that the pretty shells and pebbles found on walks were the gifts and treasures found in nature itself. I was inspired by these exciting finds and used them to create my own little worlds of imagination where a birds nest might house a little family of painted pebbles and bones and twigs would become the furnishings. After leaving school I moved to Leeds where I gained a BA Hons Graphic Design and was awarded two prestigious awards for illustration from The Royal Society of Arts. For a few years after graduating I worked as a designer and illustrator but increasingly my artistic leanings were towards 'making' and so I gained further qualifications in stitched textiles and a teaching certificate for adult learners. I also started to use clay as a medium for sculpture. "Nest and Nurture' and 'Ebb and Flow' are two constant themes which I have been working on for the past few years. I focus on my urge to forage and collect from seashore to forest and this provides me with the inspiration for these collections. I also bring these concepts into some of my larger installations which are about our identity within the communities we live in. Fundamental to how we grow and thrive is our identity within the safety of our home and the protection we receive from the community. I interpret this through my 'Hive' installations where the viewer can observe the works as a collective then participate in making connections based on instinct, recognition, choice and attachment. Alongside my sculpture practice I enjoy working on my pen and ink illustrations which are available as limited edition giclee prints. I work and teach from my studio in the beautiful Welland valley in the midlands. My work is exhibited nationwide and overseas and is in some private collections. Prices start from £10.00 to £3000.00.


'I know You'

Medium: ceramics/silk cocoons/steel

This was an installation of approx 800 'peeps' based on identity within the community and home. The audience are asked to look at the installation as a collective then participate by connecting and choosing a peep based on instinct, recognition and attachment. This installation will be exhibited in future exhibitions.


Bird Skulls

Medium: Parian

Parian bird skulls with artists with ceramic decal detail. Can be used as art jewellry.



Medium: Stained parian

solid parian pebbles with ceramic decals and metal inlay


Nest of Bones

Medium: Parian

This is a sculpture made from wrapped parian bones. It is based on both the 'sticks and stones' and the 'one for sorrow' poems. Links to childhood and healing

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