Bev Seth South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I live and work in Sheffield, making hand built decorative domestic style ceramics. I hand build my pottery, using various techniques but mainly pinching and slab building. Later I model handles and knobs and add sprig moulds. I decorate with underglazes and slips, contrasting with textures and glazed surfaces.

I walk a lot, by the sea, in the countryside but mainly from place to place in Sheffield. I now know how important this is, I go to lovely places by choice but it’s often the glimpses of neglected overgrown plots and the contrasts between nature and city life that really inspire me. I also love books and reading: stories, folk tales, natural history illustrations, descriptions of beliefs and traditions. All these ideas stay with me, rolling around in my head, carelessly lodging next to something I glimpse while I travel or colliding with another idea from another time. My work is not a narrative, there is no story told, but it’s a recollection, a forgotten feeling or passing thought I am trying to evoke. I use the surprise of how a carved handle or knob feels, contrasting with a silky glaze. The weigh and balance of a teapot in your hands, rough oxide covered areas and soft deep glazed bodies. I think if only I knew how it started it would be enough, but I am willing to share.


Birch Bark Flask and cups, Ceramic, 2016


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