Sarah Sharpe South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I am a painter and printmaker specialising in lithography. I am interested in the experiences of women, in particular being a mother, and the mother/daughter relationship. I am influenced by archetypal material, and images and feelings within my internal landscape. I work intuitively, often from small sketches, at other times I paint spontaneously.

Pivotal to my practice is the archetypal Mother figure. My work is driven and lead by this. It comes from the inner core of self, it is work that I need get out of myself and made into something, most usually paint is involved . Looking back, even though this was playing out in my early works, it was unconscious, and even when I caught a glimmer, a large part of me wouldn’t look. For over a year now, my decision to look this archetype in the face has enabled me to produce the work that comes from my gut. It is work that is deeply informed by my experience of witnessing my son nearly die as a baby which left him severely brain damaged. And many years later, my daughter, who suddenly became critically ill, but thankfully survived, There is a perpetual tension between the callings of being an artist and a mother, both primal needs that need to be fulfilled. I paint, draw and make, care, cook and clean every day. This is my reality, which in the past year has resulted in an intense consciously felt outpouring of work lead by the Mother archetype. In some ways I have only just started. Sometimes I wonder how far I will dare to go, which makes me feel quite fearful. But the internal voice and the strength of the archetype means I will keep going as painting is my companion as I tread my journey I worked as a a counsellor for several years, and developed a long standing interest in Jungian Psychology. Part of my art practice is working one to one with people who can’t access groups, such as people on the autistic spectrum. My students need a calm and secure environment to be creative, which is something that I deeply love. I exhibit my work throughout the year at various venues, galleries and exhibitions and have won several awards and prizes. Please see my website for further details.

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