Trudy Roe Derbyshire, United Kingdom
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I am a printmaker working with etchings, collagraphs and monoprints. My primary means of expression is through Artists' books. I enjoy using words in combination with images. I have certain themes: Time, Evolution, plant structure and growth and life's circles and cycles. My books are mainly 3 dimensional. My exploration of expressing concepts of Time has led me into making mixed media Timepiece

I work from studio space at home where I have a Rollaco printing press. I am experimenting with my printmaking at present in connection with my books and Timepieces. I started creating books digitally. The development of my ideas led me into printmaking. I now produce a range of books in both media. Etchings allow me to make small editions of books, usually 5 to 9. I still produce larger editions of up to 25 books digitally. I also produce one off monoprinted books, usually expressing landscape, often with changing light moods, in which I incorporate mixed media. I have a continuing interest in considering and expressing Time. I have also been motivated by the circles and cycles of the natural world. These 2 lines of thought have met in my Timepieces. Most are one off pieces. Some I have developed from my book Concepts of Time and are digitally produced and word based. I currently also produce monoprinted images combined with collage and metal leaf in the Series Shades of evening and Shades of sunset.

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