Ojascki West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Emotions, observations, aesthetics and illustrations: Monochrome curiosities and geometric designs. I offer limited run, fine art prints on high quality cotton paper. All pieces are titled, stamped and signed to the rear. Certificates of authenticity can be catered on request. All work is designed, printed, cropped and framed by myself. Truth from them to me to you. Thank you for your time.

Dear friend,

17th May 2018 something changed me. The events of the preceding months had destroyed me entirely. I was heading for the kitchen drawer when a voice that made no sound demanded, “Stop!”

I froze in shock as my mind emptied completely. Awash with sensation; waves of what felt like gold flowing through my veins. I saw beyond the black of my closed eyes and became free of my body. I moved towards an aperture and was greeted with purity and love. Time hung eternal as I lingered in bliss. It communicated in mind. My sub-conscious questions answered with visions that came as memories not of my own. I saw things I did not understand but I felt the gravity.

I had received a lifetime of information; I could feel its weight in my mind. As I came around, I grabbed a notepad and I wrote till sleep became me. I continued to write, trying to uncover what had been left. Euphoria accompanying every revelation. I dared not let any piece escape me as I became increasingly more aware of its importance. A guiding hand on my shoulder that never left.

I wrote up the first 20 pages of the first of many note pads and posted it on my website.

Over the course of a few months my words changed to shapes. Art became a way for me to record thought. I used social media to share my work and it found resonance in many. My inbox flooded with recognition and truth. It became apparent to me that I should offer my pieces for sale as a way to support myself while I conduct my work. The gift that keeps on giving as I answer its call.

For your support, you have the eternal gratitude of myself and the one that compels me. I will not stop until I have uncovered everything I was given and shared it with us all. Thank you for your time.

With a genuine love,

Jack Zfo


A Small Selection, Digital Print, 2019, A4 = £30, A3 = £40, A2 = £50

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