Sophie Starkey Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
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Every artist has a metaphorical box of tools. Each will be different depending on skill, life experiences and interests. My practice draws upon my past scientific and management persona. Currently studying for an MA in Visual Communications I work with a mixture of traditional and digital media, layering and distilling data and information to get to a final concentrate.

Time, failure, memory and the creative state (‘flow’) are inspirations. I work with traditional materials including inks, acrylics and watercolour. I then layer with other media including spray paint, metals and digital manipulation. My pieces tend towards the abstract, although they are composed of figurative elements, and will seek to present a distillation of a series of ideas, events or images. Complex collections are simplified to give a clearer image or message.


Rain. Rhossilli., digital print of original watercolour and inks on paper and acetate , 2017 , £240


Homes and Gardens, Mixed, 2017, £250


Berlin, Digital , 2017, 4350


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