Gudrun Filipska Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
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Gudrun Filipska is an artist and researcher living in the Fens, Uk, she is of Welsh and Polish descent. Her work is concerned with the cultural and literary associations of walking and journeying and seeks to re- configure them to include, feminist and 'other' itinerant practices.

/// My practice is interdisciplinary in nature, I work across mediums including drawing, print, video and found objects/images. My work has at its root a concern with transience, particularly walking, and I make visual and auditory works responding to over prescribed landscapes (industrial and otherwise). The act of walking and journeying for me, serves as exploratory and performative.

I am interested in alternative ways of mapping and recording place, cultural representations of the 'road trip', Pilgrimage and the human relationship to wilderness as well as ways to counter male-centric and colonial travel cultures. Over the past ten years I have also developed a body of work on Fugal subjectivity based on the psychiatric case studies of patients with a pathological compulsion to wander. My work ranges from printed reflections on historical landscape painting to the digital, both visual and auditory; I use an array of visual technologies, customising and combining obsolescent and new technologies.

Recently I have undertaken an immersive research project in my home 'territory' and the wild Fen which surrounds it, which has as its interests, ideas of deep mapping, emotional cartography and wilderness as 'enclave', the cartographies of which are being expanded though a collaborative project with the artist Carly Butler in British Columbia Canada entitled 'S'.

I have recently undertaken an 'Artist Residency in Motherhood' for which I received a 'Red Thread Grant' and have exhibited my work internationally. Recent exhibitions and residencies include GPS Embroidery a performance based residency on Jersey supposted by LADA and the Arts Council Uk- led by Lizzie Philps. S.T.E.P a survey show of 'walking art' at Flux Factory and the Queens Museum New York.

I am also the founder of the Arts Territory Exchange, an organisation which facilitates creative collaborative exchange across borders with a focus on ideas of rurality and isolation which fosters ideas of ecology and sustainable practice in the arts.


Enveloped Objects, Medium Format Photographs, 2017


Incantations, Paper/photocopy/collage, 2018


Interlope, Folded paper, 2018


Someone Elses Voice, Photographs (Giclee printed), 2018


Terril Walk, 2010


Waymarks, Caffenol developed photographs, 2017


The 'S' Project, photographs, etchings, maps, books, charts, bottles of seawater, soil, artefacts., 2017 -


One hundred Ways to say Moon, Photographs, artists books., 2018


'Ea, eau, eay, elt'., 2017


A Canticle for Liebowitz's Monte Cassino., 8mm film, 2011


Blind Journeys, Writing, etchings, artist books, audio work., 2010 -


Seeds/Church/Trousers, Medium Format photographs and documentation., 2019


Filipski Shed., 8 mm film., 2012


Previous projects


'A Stitch in Time'.


The Arts Territory Exchange is part of ‘A Stitch in Time’ A major exhibition at Today Art Museum in Beijing and part of Documents Today an international ongoing triennial exhibition. The exhibition runs from 13th December 2019 to March 15th 2020. Curated by the art critic Huang Du & art historian Jonathan Harris. Location: Gallery 1 and 2,...

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Today Art Museum, Beijing China Details


28/10/2018 to 20/11/2018

A Major survey show of 'walk-based work. 'S.T.E.P…. seeks to be an overlapping convergence and entanglement of walking, walk-based works and programming, mobilizing throughout New York. S.T.E.P… embraces the many ways and bodies we walk while asking how walking as a creative act can challenge notions and open conversations around...

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Queens Museum, New York, Details

The 'S' Project

01/01/2017 to 29/09/2018

Carly Butler in Ucluelet Canada, and myself in the Fens UK, have been collaborating for the past year and a half counting daily steps to virtually walk towards on another. Tracked by pedometers, our daily steps around our home territories, often consisting of mundane, domestic tasks (grocery shopping, school run etc) are translated to a digital...

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The 'S' project has been exhibited in the Shelf Gallery Cambridgesire, 148 Mayall Road project space Details

Arts Territory Exchange


Arts Territory Exchange is a largescale curatorial project and network that I began in late 2016:

Creating a vast global network of connected topographies and reaching to the worlds most isolated places, the Arts Territory Exchange facilitates collaboration between artists in remote and wilderness locations such as, islands, deserts, refugee...

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Worldwide Details


31/01/2016 to 29/09/2018

On ongoing research and curatorial project with writer laura Elizabeth Davidson - to be brought to friution with an exhibition and catalogue in 2019. Manuscript is typically defined as; the original text of an author's work, any text not printed or a book or document written before the invention of printing. Developing etomologically from...

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n/a Details

Fin de siecle trajectories.

01/10/2010 to 01/09/2018

Fin de siècle trajectories and industrial heritage trails. Representation of the Mine from Poland to England, aesthetic and transient histories.

This research project includes photographic, video and text based works.

Since the decline of heavy industry and pit closures following the 1984-5 miners strike the discourses surrounding the...

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Work from this body of research has been shown at venues in London, Cambridge, Bulgaria and Germany. Details
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