Honor Ash Norfolk, United Kingdom
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honor ash is an artist working to examine and deconstruct language, semantics, and form

ash consistently works to construct an answer to the question 'what is meaning?' and 'what makes said meaning meaningful?'. through robust explorations of language - written, spoken, and implied - their work aims to generate a coherent whole, all pointing towards one thing - communication and the pursuit of absolute truth. creating artworks across many mediums, with a preference for performance, live and participatory art in conjunction with more traditional visual art practices, every angle is examined and brought to account. their practice is informed by online and digitally aware explorations, with a dissertation by the title of 'superconnectivity' examining how text art has been impacted by the connectivity of the internet. previously, ash founded the london queer artist network, and in 2017 curated a pressing exhibition titled 'embodiment now' in conjunction with such, featuring six contemporary queer video artists. alongside their individual practice, ash is a fundamental member of ninetales collective, a group which focuses heavily on applications of language through experimental performance, comics, and the recorded voice.


OUT/WITH, 2020


explorations (set 3), 2020-2021


safe in my own space, 2020


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