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My practice confronts the increasingly unstable device of the image and its impact on delivering a coherent understanding of our global condition. My work takes the form of a video installation to address the physical and virtual position that the image ambiguously navigates. Alongside my practice, I am also part of Dank Collective- a collective exploring performance, video, and online platforms.

Images are an exciting versatile material because they are not bound to anything factual or concrete but are, instead, bound to an aesthetic performance and appearance. They are slippery and deceptive, often transmogrified beyond any referential value. In their lack of contextual meaning, their presence becomes fleshy, almost material- something to latch onto.

Subsequently, surface level has entered into a contradictorily complex ground for negotiation and navigation. With so much (online) content competing for attention, we are subjected to sensorial trickery and instant gratification. An artistic flare full of intricacy and guile bewitches our senses with the most vapid of desires.

Reality television like the Real Housewives franchise, horror films, cultural events and their saturated feedback are integral research apparatuses because they are so rooted in and engulfed by the image. Visual and popular culture have never been more vehement and (synthetically) visceral, where a libidinal, hedonistic, dizzying, and disorienting relationship with the image and the screen is formed. Our corporeality collapses, as layers and layers of information once thought to be antithetical from one another begin to converge. This process is strangely liberating.

In addressing this complex position, my practice often takes the form of a video installation to induce a relationship between the virtual and the physical. A combination of screens, electronic sounds, and objects are used to immerse the viewer in an environment that vacillates between identities and space. Each installation component gathers an agency as they navigate and coexist with one another.


Consensual Cannibalism (The Sacred Nugget), Video, 2018


A Fetish Made of Crystals and Electricity , Video installation, 2016


OPUS, Video Installation, 2018


Projects and exhibitions


Villa Rosa

12/10/2019 — 07/12/2019

Villa Rosa was an exhibition curated by myself, housed within one of the gallery's vitrine spaces. The artists involved were: AVD, Esther Merinero, James D. Hopkins & Tori Carr, and Josef Shanley-Jackson & Sophie Rogers.

20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe Details

Not To My Taste

31/08/2019 — 28/09/2019

Not To My Taste was a collaborative project between DANK Collective and AVD. The exhibition was an immersive installation consisting of performance, objects, videos, and an interactive live-stream that could be accessed by the general public through a local network.

Harlesden High Street Gallery, London Details
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