Jade Evangeline London, United Kingdom
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I am a 22 year old student currently studying fine art at Goldsmiths, University Of London. My interests often intersect with each other such as art, politics and activism. More recently in my practice I have been exploring how to blur the lines between art and activism through drawing, painting, film and projections.

My artistic practise revolves around politics, more recently the role that bias right wing media plays in keeping the status quo. I have been targeted the evening standard currently due to the fact it is given out for free at the tube stations across London, giving people more of a reason to read it on their way home. I've been using my art as a way to satirically mock the evening standard through "tube adverts" and drawing my own newspaper front page, using a headline that they have previously used, to highlight their ridiculousness of their statement and make people question whether they ever published that or whether i made it up.

I have very recently gone onto using performance art again as a way of 'becoming the enemy' through dressing up as a Theresa May and recreating her resignation speech, however slightly tweaking the speech by changing the words and adding additional words to subtly get across, what i believe, is her true motive when in government.

An example of this would be her saying that she wants to make the country better for everyone, not just for a privileged few. I switched that round to what I believe is really happening under a conservative government right now, that she is making the country better for a privileged few, not for everyone.

I will be continuing in my exploration of media, politics and advertisement and their role in capitalism overall for the foreseeable future as there is a lot more for me to unpack.

Feel free to check out my video's on Vimeo as well as my art activist collective on instagram.


The F-Word , 2019


The Illusion Of Choice, 2018


The Evening Standard, 2019


Fascism Is Being Legitamised , 2018/19


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