Jennifer Szypillo United Kingdom
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I have recently completed my BA Hons in Fine Art at Newcastle University and am now living in the area to develop my practice further. My work currently consists of printmaking, photography and film. My most recent projects were created in Southern and Central Poland as well as The Arctic Circle.

So far my creative practice has consisted of responding to rural locations in Northumberland National Park in particular alongside Hadrian’s Wall. I am constantly looking for new locations for the interrogation of my relationship to the land and the natural environment. I expanded my inquiry when I travelled to Stora Sjoffallet National Park in July 2016, including the Ahkka Mountain Range and the Teusa Valley, which provided me with a greater variation of weather conditions and light as well as extremity of terrain. My interest in working from the land has meant I have become increasingly attentive to the ecological and environmental issues as well as man’s impact on the landscape. Exploring unfamiliar and foreign landscapes environments continues to fascinate me, and provides opportunities for absolutely concentrated focus on my chosen landscape subjects. By visiting the remote yet accessible area such as Sjoffallet National Park it allowed me to propel my interest, introduce me to practice-based research methods and encourage my endeavour to research further.

I have been exploring Eastern and Central Poland, particularly due to my fascination with the countries geographical history. For example after WW2 Poland's boundaries as a country have significantly changed and regions of pre-war Poland now lie in Belarus. I am keen to further explore these areas particularly the landscapes which exist on the fringes of Warsaw as well as Bialystock. For instance Kampinos National Park which lies to the West of Warsaw is of particular interest to me due to its surrounding villages still containing original architecture from before the war. The layout of these communities for instance the infrastructure which divides each village from the next is something which I have explored in other regions of Poland such as the villages north of Krakow to compare how the dynamics of the villages differ depending on the regions.


Transitional Zone, Digital Photographs, 2018


Zakopane, Film Photograph, 2016


Swedish Landscape, 2018


Alpine Landscape , Monoprint , 2018, £150


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