John Adams Ireland
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John Adams Expressionist Painter ”Art should be guided by our inner truth” John Adams is a full time professional artist living in Cobh. He is an active campaigner for the arts. John worked painting sets in theater for 16 years. Having run squatted art galleries in London in the 90s John returned to Ireland and set up the "Cork Art Trail" annual open studios.

John has developed some unique painting techniques especially with wet liquid paint, other methods he uses brushstrokes slashing and moving through the flow of the composition, creating a sense of the waves or landscape coming alive. It is within the imagination and subconscious mind where some of the strongest paintings come from. Often there is vibrant colour in John’s work and while the themes have changed over the years, he has always maintained a strong connection with nature. There are certain aspects to painting that John prioritises as being vital, depth, light, composition and beauty. John often has a message in his work, sometimes political, other times very personal coming straight from the soul.


The Angel Of Shandon, acrylic , 2008, sold


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