jojo Devon, United Kingdom
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I have a studio in Plymouth and am currently working on a couple of self initiated projects for 2022 and 2023.

In 1996, at the age of 32, Jojo made the transition from Theatre director/teacher to photographer. He won the social category of the 1998 Fuji Student Awards and went on to spend the next 25 years producing portraits, primarily, but not exclusively naked ones. During this time he also worked as the Plymouth Herald’s first pictorial columnist, was a presenter/ broadcaster on terrestrial television, wrote, directed and produced theatre and performance art pieces. Since 1997 he has had four photographic books published and 14 exhibitions. “Growing up I was ostracized by my peers, a situation that, though painful at the time, proved beneficial to my artwork in the long term: I took pleasure from paying attention to people in a way that only an outsider can: seeing what is often hidden. With the advent of the pandemic lock-down I had time to evaluate my working methods, to research other art forms and practitioners and to experiment in my studio. I know this was a difficult time for many but I flourished. I refined my approaches to the technical aspects of the craft and because of social distancing, I embarked on the creation of a substantial body of self-portraiture. I am now producing work within constructed environments, bringing in more performance and narrative, often with a surrealist undercurrent, to my imagery. Finally, my enthusiasm for naked portraiture has metamorphosed into more of a study of form, texture and tone, creating images that have a sense of other-worldliness.” Now in his late 50’s Jojo feels a new sense of vitality in his work and with that recognizes he has undergone another transition, this time, from photographer, to visual artist.

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