Karen-Rose-Textiles West Midlands, United Kingdom
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Stitches from the Cosmos…… I am a decorative textile artist living and working in the West Midlands, UK. My artworks are visual transcriptions from the beauty I see in the wonder of the universe. I believe we are all, in a very real and profound sense, part of the Cosmos. Born from it, our fate is deeply connected to it.

Artist In this new body of work I have been captivated by the wonderment of the universe - its population of planets, stars, nebulae, moons, white dwarfs and supernovae. They appear to me as enchanting and colourful objects; a cosmic ocean of wonderful and fascinating patterns, shapes and colours - a great celestial beauty. My stitches are a way of exploring the beauty of the universe in terms of structure, composition and texture. A homage in fabric. These dyed, collaged and stitched embroidered pieces are patches of the universe and my expression of the magnificence of the Cosmos and all it has to offer in terms of a visual experience. Art educator I have been an art lecturer/teacher for 32 years. I have worked at graduate level, further education (special teaching), secondary schools and currently I am teaching part time as an arts specialist in primary education. I believe that a child’s self-image, their self-esteem, confidence and pride that comes from art in education is truly incredible and each child should be able to experience that as their human right. I am passionate about children having access to an arts education as a means of personal expression as well as learning through the arts. I have recently delivered a craft/heritage project to a local primary Scholl in Coventry as an artist in residence commissioned by Spon Spun19 and Coventry Artspace. The pupils visited The Weavers House in Spon End to explore and discover the craft history of their community and they also had the opportunity to weave cloth and learn about the ancient craft of weaving first hand from the volunteers at The Weavers House. I am currently creating a textile art piece for The Weavers House using weaving and felting techniques as part of the overall commission.


Exploding supernova, Collage, embroidery, stitch, 2014


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