Karis Hopkinson South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Karis Hopkinson is a visual artist based in Sheffield. She works primarily in digital drawing whilst also exploring video, installation and sculpture. All of the work uses Hopkinsons graphic visual language and aesthetic, which is based on a series of contrasting ideas surrounding landscape, environment, text and image. She received her BA in Painting in 2017 and is currently working on a MFA.

Hopkinsons work draws from a baseline interest in landscape, space, place, the history and romanticism of landscape painting, the graphic language of advertising and the city, the tension between text and image, the sensuality of word as image, the question of how we read text vs how we read image and the overlap between written and visual language. It is a recontextualisation of familiar elements and a series of contrasts with an aim to form a new visual language. The work is embracing the kitschy residue of landscape paintings romantic motif canon but using the space of the romantic landscape as more of a symbolic prop that alludes to another fragmentary reality, depicted in reference to the language of advertising and modernity; as if the Sunday supplement is collapsing in on itself. The disintegration of one type of language to form another. Playing with familiarity, presenting it as unfamiliar and unknown, and considering the unsettling nature of combining familiar aspects. In this way, the resulting graphic visual is systematically removed from landscape sensuality. The text forms, colour planes and ambiguous shapes overlap both each other and the landscape behind. They are at once harmonious with the natural space and constantly interrupting it, creating a visual disconnect. This disconnect, this visual jolt, creates a gap of understanding that she has come to consider as integral to the success of the work.


Selected Paintings 2016-2019, 2016-2019


Past Tense Future Perfect, video, 2020


Selected Digital Drawings 2019-2021, digital drawing, 2019-20


Selected Collages 2020-21, 2020-21


Selected Collages/Drawings 2018, 2018


Presence, projection, digital drawing, 2019


Hypervisible, acrylic, oil and spraypaint on MDF, 2020


Projects and exhibitions


Untitled Windows

11/03/2020 — 30/06/2020

Series of installations in various disused shop fronts in Huddersfield working with East Street Arts

Huddersfield, Huddersfield Details

Untitled Windows #2

01/03/2020 — 30/03/2020

Another installation using a disused shop front, this time in Liverpool.

Bold Place, Liverpool Details


20/05/2019 — 20/06/2019

MFA Degree Show

Head Post Office, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield Details

Exchange Place Projection Project

20/05/2019 — 21/05/2019

Collaborative projection project as part of the MFA Degree Show

Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield Details

Untitled [Landscape]

11/04/2019 — 11/08/2019

Group show centered around modern landscape painting

Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre in Limavady, Co. Derry, Ireland Details

Shape Up

01/09/2018 — 15/09/2018

Group show centered around themes of shape, geometric or otherwise

APG Works, Sheffield Details
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