Katie Taylor Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
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Artist Katie Taylor is a sculptural installation artist based in Oxford, UK. She is a PhD researcher at Oxford Brookes University exploring unidentified human remains using gelatine bioplastic.

I am particularly fascinated with exploring our place in the world, the fragility of life and death and the precariousness of our existence, using history and historical research as a basis for my work.

Forensic anthropology and it’s use to determine individuality is a continuing theme. It’s use in Bosnia as a tool to discover identities within mass graves is a current research project.

Katie currently works in a variety of media to create sculptural installations that explore the interface between materiality and memory. She is interested in extending and exploring ideas of how we are remembered beyond death by means of our possessions as well as the conceptual and emotional content of objects.


Current PhD exploration, Gelatine Bioplastic, On going


Presence, Paper, 2016


One Hundred and Thirteen, Found items, concrete, resin, fibre optic cable, 2013


Sum, 2016


Mental Health, 2013


Lord Deliver Me, Ceramic, 2014


Lie Down, Textile, 2017


Projects and exhibitions


The Extended Self

10/01/2019 — 19/01/2019

The installation ‘The Extended Self’ challenges ideas at the root of biological individuality and moves away from Western individualistic ideologies which present human beings as conscious, unique and therefore inevitably disconnected entities, where humans believe themselves to be masters of the system rather than part of it. Galilei noted...

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The Nunnery Gallery, Bow Arts, London Details

Our Place

16/11/2018 — 22/12/2018

Crisis artists collaborating with artist mentors – Mary Bell, Firooze Tahriri, Jordan Vanderhyde, Katie Taylor, Sonia Boué and Penny Maltby, present an exhibition which explores a sense of ‘place’.

The artists have all investigated ideas of what the Old Fire Station means to them in terms of personal development and support. The work...

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Old Fire Station, Oxford Details

8372 Cards

07/07/2018 — 15/07/2018

For this project 8372 business cards were printed, each one representing each of the men and boys killed during the srebrenica genocide. Business cards represent identity, status and the ability to make contact, many of those who died still remain missing.

Individually numbered with an automatic stamp each card retains an identity without...

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Oxford Town Hall, Oxford Details
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