Kevin Townend South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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None Profit Artist - The Beauty of PaintingTherapy Suffering from Dymentia and resultant eyesight problems "My paintbrush moves across the canvas, and slowly an image begins to emerge. As the canvas is transformed so am I, the painter"

"No longer the social person, or want to be — or do I have the ability to interface socially but I can paint things that takes the viewers breath away,” “In the nurturing, calm settings of my studio, I sometimes have moments of clarity and paint things that shock everyone with their beauty" Creating art engages a different part of the brain than the part that we use for language. As I experience progressive loss of coordination and memory - tremendous visual creativity starts to emerge — now becoming obsessed with painting.

"It’s beautiful and sad.”

As my brain continues to degenerate over time, my artistic ability will reach a peak and then start to diminish.

Until then I just paint


2020 Artworks, 2020


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