Eleonore Pironneau London, United Kingdom
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Originally trained as a painter, but fascinated by the study of semiotics, I blur the boundaries between artistic systems of signs: painting, photography, collage, writing and installation. The work, thus eluding the solidity of categories and interpretation, encourages the viewer to renounce labels. Through composition and visual metaphors I evoke the human condition –flesh and spirit.

Whether painting or photography I approach the work in a spirit of experimentation. What I seek is the meeting of process and concept so that the work finds itself in this synchronicity.

Playing with unusual tools during the process plays an important part in the result, allowing forms to emerge from a subconscious reservoir in which my story potentially meets everyone story. It is by balancing control and absence of control in my techniques that I create polysemic forms which lend themselves to the viewer's projection and a spectrum of interpretation, leading not to a message, but to an ambiguity.


"I'm free!", Photograph printed on Somerset Enhanced Paper, 2018 , Edition of 10 / £250 framed individually / series of 5 prints for £1,000

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