Eleonore Pironneau London, United Kingdom
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Originally trained as a painter, I blur the boundaries between artistic systems of signs: painting and cut-out, photography, book-making, writing and installation. I encourage a perception which eludes the solidity of interpretation and categorisation. My approach to making art is based in the poetics of Form, creating polysemic images and playing with mixed echoes of meaning.

The theme of balloons have been with me for some years.

First when I experimented using latex balloons as tools in my painting practice for the interesting marks I could obtain when I used them instead of brushes. Then when I took photograhs of the balloons after they've been used and dipped in paint or pigments. Followed more experiments implying attaching cord or string around a partly deflated balloon to get a sculptural form out of the object.

The photographs deliver a powerful commentary about the human condition. Not devoid of humour, sometimes cruel but never disengaged, the work expresses the poignant paradox between tenderness and brutality, freedom and imprisonment, and the possibility of finding freedom by breathing in the constraint itself. The photographs of flattened balloons call for a contemplation of the end of life where the lifeless objects still holds beauty because of the traces of their service. They become poignant testimonies of their life as a balloon.


Embraced / Entangled / Who I was, Photography - Giclée print on Hannemülhe Art Paper, 2019 / 2020


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