Liam Collins London, United Kingdom
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I'm an abstract Painter/Sculptor/Craftsman working in mixed media. My work aims to stimulate thought and spirit by emulating the creative processes historic painters went through. I look at playful puzzles in nature and science designed to draw upon curiosity and wonder. This includes the deep wisdom and insight of our great inventors & Architects.

I'm a UK Artist who has dedicated his career to a life-long process working with and exhibiting Art and Site-specific Sculpture, made from precious metals and found materials. My work includes influences from Nature, Astrophysicists to the historical ancient worlds. My intent is to encourage critical thinking through the study of progressive knowledge. By researching the thought processes that ancient people went through, It is here with my found materials, I find myself exploring pathways through my creative expression applying the materials in line with my feelings until they resonate through the complex layers of the higher self. Like water divining, I look to where secret meanings are hidden within the fabric of unchartered quantum power and connections within the subconscious mind. My creativity is drawn from my unusual life experiences. Raised in children's homes and spirited abroad at 12 years old, living alone in the Caves of Minoan Tombs in Matala and living off the land. Sleeping on the beach under the stars for 3 years.


Cicada Guitar, Mixed Media. Covered guitar. sound instillation. , 2019, £1500


For sale

Not my type. Amber box. The art of Fatima. Oxo rubiks cubism. Ten to two. Pedro romeo box. Dragonfly, Mixed media , 2018-2020


Projects and exhibitions


Not my type. Cicada Guitar, Artists Palette

21/02/2019 — 31/03/2019

A collective exhibition showcasing new work as part of the Millionaires club raising money to save the old Chubb building.

Lighthouse Gallery., Wolverhampton Details

The Human body

03/05/2001 — 08/08/2001

MpV Gallery, Den Bosch, Holland Details
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