Lidia Lidia United Kingdom
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Lidia Lidia is a multidisciplinary artist who works with installation, video, photography, performance and activism.

Using strong and sometimes disturbing images in combination with extensive research her work aims to produce beautiful images to communicate uncomfortable narratives generally rooted in social injustice and inequality. Lidia believes passionately in the statement that ‘the personal is political’ and that through art it is possible to shape society.

Upcoming events

  • Aurelie Cristeg_This Belongs To Everyone, So Enjoy The View.jpg

    Kleio Presents: Feather Dusting/Future Lusting  |    Exhibition  |    09/07/0020 to 09/09/2020

    Kleio presents a digital exhibition in two parts, featuring work by 31 artists, writers, theatre-makers and creative practitioners. Crossing multiple disciplines, the exhibition encompasses a variety of media, including GIFs, games, performance, painting, sound, video, text, comics, installation and found objects.

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