Cameron lovegrove United Kingdom
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I am a UK-based artist specialising in sound design, and audio-visual installation pieces. My pieces have been installed in galleries and venues around the UK, and online! I enjoy creating multimedia pieces (for both digital and real-life exhibitions), and collaborating in interdisciplinary projects with other creatives.

While primarily a composer (sound art, and fixed media), my work spans multiple disciplines. I am interested in the intersection of audio and visuals, and how they can be used artistically in installation settings. I use programming to create cross-domain mappings from audio to visuals, and as a result, my works tend to contain some aspect of generative/indeterminate composition.

My artistic influences are John Cage, Brian Eno, Daito Manabe, Agnes Varda, and Tarik Barri.

Projects and exhibitions


Sounds Good Soundscape

05/10/2020 — 31/10/2020

Site-specific audio-visual soundscape created for projector and surround sound. Celebrating local talent, and Leeds’ Musical culture as part of the Sounds Good Installation.

Leeds City Museum, Leeds Details


01/09/2020 — 01/03/2021

A study into the function of indeterminate and fixed media composition in audio-visual art. For Projector and speakers.

Local exhibition space, Leeds Details

Closed Circuit

01/07/2020 — 16/07/2020

Generative audio-visual installation for projector and speakers. Combining real-time generative soundscapes with structuralist cinematography to highlight brutalist architecture.

online Details

Travel Music

01/03/2020 — 12/05/2021

An audio-visual performance piece exploring the concept of daily routine, and the different environments through musical genre and cinematography techniques.

online Details
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