Mani Kambo Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom
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Mani Kambo is an artist working in Newcastle Upon Tyne her work is predominately moving image based. Focusing on objects, routines and rituals distilled both from the everyday. Kambo has screened and exhibited work in Newcastle, London, Plymouth and Berlin.

It is said that energy cannot be destroyed but is conserved and transferred from one place to another, continuously transforming and redesigning itself. Within the cyclical nature of life the body is a shell to hold us together in this balancing game of life and death.

My practice is predominately moving image based with sculptural and performative aspects. I focus on objects, routines and rituals distilled both from the everyday and mythology. I explore the use of obsolete technologies as relics from the past, making the viewer question the possibilities beyond ones immediate self.

My work is an investigation of the inner spirit where I draw on my own personal totemic symbols. I am influenced by my upbringing in a household filled with superstition, prayer and religious ceremony.


Test Cards


Film Installation 14” Box Televisions x5

The cyclical nature of energy transfers from one place to another, continuously transforming, Images materialise sporadically but just as quickly as they appear they vanish; like pockets of memories out of sync.with no notion of the past present or future.




The Moon and Sixpence

Medium: moving image

In 2015 Mani Kambo and Hope Stebbing were awarded Tyneside Cinema’s second graduate artist residency in partnership with Northumbria University. During their time with us they have created a work which brings together their individual practices in sculpture and moving image.

The Moon And Sixpence combines film and sculpture to articulate their mutual interest in space and the urban environment. The work is focused on the object of the screen and the process of projected images. The screen is formed of perforated metal which is used as an emblem of decay and regeneration. The projected images are created through layering textures and materials of industrial and regeneration sites visited whilst on residency.

Kambo and Stebbing play with the ’idea’ of cinema and experiment with the relationship between the projector and the screen. Referring to the relatively recent decline of 35mm film to digital formats and its effect on the cinematic experience from an object, (the roll of film) and physical experience (projection), to a more fleeting moment of inconceivable data (digital files). The installation of sculpture and film investigates this relationship and highlights the tension between screen and film.

October 2015 - January 2016 Graduate Artists in Residence at Tyneside Cinema with Hope Stebbing, in partnership with Northumbria University - Artist in Residence video by Northern Film Stars


sunflower eyes


Exhibited in Vane Gallery, Commercial Union House as part of international women day exhibition Exposing Form

Through nature we are reborn, from the earth we awake and in the earth, we sleep.

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