Meg Brain London, United Kingdom
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Meg Brain has a multidisciplinary practice; primarily socially engaged and largely curatorial. Her work spans across exhibition making, interventions, writing, sound and interactive installation.

She creates situations, inviting and facilitating other artists and the public to engage and exchange with each other. Virtual and real communication is identified, studying the language and dialect we use to operate socially. Researching the interpersonal relationships and hierarchies between the artist, curator, and audience, Meg Brain questions how we interact with the institution, examining its varying structures and mechanisms.

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Art Walk/TrailArtist TalkArts vacancyExhibitionJournal/PublicationResidencyVolunteering
Art writingArtists’ booksCollageInstallationLive artSocially Engaged PracticeSoundText
Other keywords
DocumentaryFeminismInstitutional CritiqueParticipatorySite-specificInterpersonal relationshipsLanguageDialectTranslation