Namita Vijayakumar Durham, United Kingdom
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Namita Vijayakumar is an artist who lives and works in the North East of England. Her practice mainly involves using drawing, sculpture and installation to create immersive atmospheres.

Namita's practice primarily consists of drawing, amongst other disciplines including sculpture and installation. Her drawings are abstract, intricate and instinctual in nature and often made with pencil or ink on paper. The exploratory aspect of the drawing process lets the drawing take on a life of its own, creating an introspective experience for the artist. The obsessive action of repeatedly drawing small marks onto a surface creates an image that may require a second glance, and invites viewers to take a closer look.

Namita's work also explores the feeling of being displaced from one's surroundings, by investigating an individual’s experience of space, colour, touch, sound, and other senses. Her installations create immersive experiences for viewers by surrounding them with visual, as well as aural elements. They feature structures such as tunnels, which encourage viewers to walk through, explore and make personal discoveries about the spaces which they occupy. Some of the installations incorporate drawings or sculptures, and materials such as rice paper, whilst others use light with colour to add atmosphere and depth.


Adrift, Ink on paper, 2013


In the End, Pencil on paper, 2015


Fluctuate, Ink on paper, 2016


Diverge, Pencil on paper, 2016


Conflict, Ink on paper, 2016


Gather, Printmaking, 2014


Tunnel, Installation, 2014


Maquette I, Light sculpture, 2015


Move, Light installation, 2015


Wall Drawing, Permanent marker, 2016


Moment, Sound and light installation, 2016


Radiate, Pencil on paper, 2017


Engulfed, Ink on paper, 2018


Previous projects


Wall Drawing


In April 2016, I created a mural in the café at mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art). This was a temporary drawing installation, as the café was to be refurbished in the summer. I wanted to create artwork that would suit the space’s curved walls. I used permanent markers to draw repeated shapes onto the surface of the wall, and...

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mima cafe, Middlesbrough Details

Moment for Nightfall


‘Moment’ was an installation created for an event called Nightfall, which took place in Centre Square, Middlesbrough. The event brought together artworks and performances based on the wonders of the night sky. The opportunity consisted of installing work inside a stargazing tent, and was organised by Navigator North and Stellar...

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Middlesbrough Details

Move, NCL Degree Show


‘Move’ featured as my final piece for the Newcastle University Fine Art Degree Show in 2015. The installation consisted of a laser-cut paper tunnel illuminated with led lights. Other materials used included rice paper and iridescent film.

Newcastle University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Details

We The Living


A collaborative audiovisual installation with Justas Bø and volunteers of Globe Gallery in Newcastle for the ‘We The Living’ project. The exhibition was part of events such as Newcastle Creative Quarter Block Party and Newcastle Mental Health Day in January and February 2016.

Globe Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Details

Middlesbrough Art Weekender


My drawing 'Radiate' was selected to be displayed as one of the works which were part of an art trail for Middlesbrough Art Weekender.

Middlesbrough Details

Lungs Project


I displayed a few of my drawings at the launch event for Lungs Project, an annual print publication featuring early career artists, which I was also featured in.

Sunderland Details

Art For Youth North Exhibition


A selection of drawings and prints displayed at Queen Mary's School in Topcliffe for an exhibition to support the charity Art For Youth North.

Topcliffe, North Yorkshire Details

NCL Fine Art Degree Show


This laser-cut paper arch was installed at SCIN Gallery in London, as part of the Newcastle University Fine Art Degree Show in 2015. It was a smaller site-specific installation of my degree show piece ‘Move’.

SCIN Gallery, London Details



Two of my large drawings were selected for a group exhibition called FRESH, which featured emerging artists from the North.

Rural Arts, Thirsk Details
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