Naroa Perez London, United Kingdom
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Naroa is a photographer researching on tactile nostalgia through liquid emulsion technique. She graduated in Photography at the London College of Communication, UAL. 2017. She likes working in the field as a photography technician, both in digital and analogue. Always interested in the creative process, mistake, chance and repetition.

TRAIL OF TOUCH (2017-2020)

The sense of touch is the mute language of mutual support. Is a skin language. It doesn't need learning but training is required. Creates an emotional bond and community.

The touch is the mute gesture able to send support and empathy with the clear function to say - “I’m here if you need me”. Touch can talk without words. It is capable of showing support without saying anything.

“…that interpersonal touch is a crucial form of social glue” … “It connects people in the community and in the workplace, fostering emotions of gratitude, sympathy and trust”. Touch. The science of the sense that makes us humans (2015), David J Linden

The sense of touch strengthened our immune system and our interpersonal relations. Is both social and biological need.

The concept of tactile nostalgia is the permanent need of touch. The tactile nostalgia is our longing for skin and cuddles. It reinforces our body and our self-confidence.

-Trail of Touch- is a photographic artwork that started in 2017. An academic and practical photographic research on tactile nostalgia. The project claims and legitimates the sense of touch as the most important sense. Photography relies on sight. Touch is the confirmation of what our eyes receive.

Memory and nostalgia are concepts related to photography as a medium. Photographs are documents of our emotional history and identity. Photography has inherited restrictive rules and procedures. And trying to escape from those perfect rules I decided to celebrate mistake, chance and repetition. Error is part of the growth process and our freedom. The human error is what differentiates us from the machines.

“Yes, this margin of error is our margin of freedom”. “The error is a chance encounter between us and the machines in which we surprise each other“. Off Modern Manifesto, Svetlana Boym

-Trail of Touch project- is located in the darkroom where the sense of touch is essential under the safe light. Cacti are the imaginary of this project. Plants that look lovely but can’t be touched.

The technique


The photographic liquid emulsion is an old photographic technique. It allows creating light-sensitive objects. Fibre-based and resistant materials are easier to work with. They receive the emulsion naturally and bear the chemistry.

The material becomes photographic after coating it with the emulsion. It needs to get dry in total darkness. Once is dry is placed underneath the enlarger and make the first test to figure out the correct exposure time. The next step is to submerge the material in the chemistry. Developer, stop, fix and washing liquids.

Many factors could bring different outcomes. The way of coating, the developer, the type of water, the temperature, and also the type of emulsion. The combination of material type and emulsion is unpredictable. It needs a lot of tests to get a proper print.

Trail of Touch BOOK

Trail of Touch has been exhibit several times but it’s been difficult to get the audience to touch the artwork. What is more touchable than a book?

The book

It is a limited edition of 22 handmade books. Assembling different types of paper, fabric (organdie), cork, wood veneer, and bioplastic. All the prints were manufactured in the darkroom with the liquid emulsion technique. The 22 books have the same structure but each one is unique, involving chance, mistake and repetition.

The book has been well received by private and public collections; the book is already in 1. V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) library art book collection, London, UK. 2. Gabriela Cendoya Bergareche photobook art collection, San Telmo Museum, San Sebastian, EH. 3. London College of Communication University, UAL, Printing Historical Collection London, UK. 4. Baylor University, art book library, Waco, Texas, USA. 5. Dundee University, Scotland. 6. Weston Library, (rare books collection), Bodleian Libraries, Oxford University, UK.


Trail of Touch, Photography, 2019, 270£

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Trail of Touch · Plaster pieces, Photography Sculpture, 2019, 65£

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