osvaldo cibils Italy
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osvaldo cibils. 1961. Artist born in Montevideo, Uruguay. He lives in Trento, Italia, and Barcelona, España. His artworks are oriented to drawing, soundart, videoart and the development of experimental ideas mainly. http://osvaldocibils.com/

During the realization of my artworks I limit myself to a few movements, repeated, with little variations: the hands neutralizing the materials, the eye straight in the action, the breathing contained and brief, the head rigid and the thoughts compressed based on my artistic logic.


tres proyectos internet


Three internet projects. Soundart and visualart with javascript, Gibber and Flocking codes, field recordings and texts. ● soundart40gibbermodulations ● con bordes rojos con movimientos con ruidos ● Poemas visuales de John M. Bennett con movimientos con ruidos con combinaciones.


artworks with name and date on A4 paper

Medium: Pencils, pens, acrilyc paint, glue, adhesive tapes and name and date with rubber stamps on A4 papers.

A series of artworks for phisical exhibitions on rooms and uploaded on several social networks for internet projects, diffusion and collabs with another artists.

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