Paul Glennon United Kingdom
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Born and raised in Belfast I graduated from the University of Ulster with a BA (Hons) in Visual Communication in 1996. Since then I have worked as a Graphic Designer, an art teacher and a lecturer. Over the years, freelance Graphic Design has pushed my work into the arena of image making, especially on the web.

My artworks are visual representations of moments, memories and thoughts that I cannot record or communicate using the spoken word. I use: Internet / Film / Object / Image

I use the Internet as the main outlet for my artworks. The Internet is ‘designed’ for content and navigation but can it hold Artwork as ‘form’? The World Wide Web is exploited by artists as a portfolio but rarely is the ‘actual’ artwork viewed in its primary medium. I create Artwork that is first and foremost displayed on a Web page with the potential of ‘exhibiting’ in the analogue world as a secondary opportunity.


Sky Dive

Medium: Internet

Each of these circles represents a flight I have taken from one part of the world to another (moving seamlessly across borders a mile high in the sky). They are memories now consigned to the Internet - as T. S. Elliott said - 'still but still moving'. They can be intimately viewed from an individual's mobile phone device or projected large-scale for an audience. Either way, the work's primary home is the digital canvas of the Internet.

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