Penny Alexander Flintshire, United Kingdom
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I am a very deliberate artist. I enjoy order and clarity. I love scientific approaches and enjoying the obsolete. I'm fascinated with language, history and social science. My work epitomizes all these interests. I work to briefs, commissioned or self-imposed. My work is adaptable provided I am interested in the content. I'm a problem-solver and hope to think my work is distinctive & unique.

Conceptual artist working in themes relating to time and personal experience. Other themes include journeys, health and well-being and perspectives of personal experience. I work on a typewriter, frequently making conceptual artist books. My style is scientific, graphic, neat and research/fact based. Recent inspirations include motherhood, alterations in mental health, ageing, self acceptance and themes relating to celebrating and promoting positive body image.

I am very interested in personal perception, and using optical illusions and language play to form conceptual narratives.


Mind Maps, Typewriter. Water colour paper., 2016, NFS. In permanent collection.


CONCEPTION: the time of matter, Typewriter. Water colour paper., 2017


William Shakespeare's W Words: A Glossary, Typewriter. Water colour paper., 2016, £130


"distention of the mother" (and) "Floodgate A" (and) "Floodgate B", Typewriter. Water colour paper., 2015, £360


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