Rachel Gomme London, United Kingdom
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Artist working in performance and installation, with a special focus on durational performance, site-specific performance, one-to-one interactions and participatory work

I make work in live art., performance and installation. My work crosses a range of disciplines, from durational and site-specific performance to sound and video installation, but remains rooted in the experience of what it is to live in, with and through bodied being.

My durational performance focuses on how time and memory are experienced, stored and manifested in the body. Often working site-specifically, and/or using found materials, I explore how the body's rhythms and forms resonate with the time and structure of the environment around. A series of durational works centred on knitting as performance explores how yarn can act as metaphor for the workings of time and process in the body.

In my one-to-one interactions I draw attention to what it is to share bodily being with another. Through a series of gentle exchanges (of silence, touch, breath, conversation) I explore the shared materiality that underlies all of our relationships with one another and with the wider world.

Recent participatory work focuses on natural growth in the city, through a series of guided walks exploring how 'uninvited growth' subverts and softens the built environment, and ongoing work relating to street trees, drawing attention to the importance of street trees in the urban landscape.


Flotsam/Jetsam, performance, 2014


Undergrowth, Interactive walk, 2006-


Knitting a Rothko, Performance, new and recycled yarn, 2006-


Street Tree Twinning Project, Laminated paper, wax crayon, 2018-


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