Robyn Mallery United States
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Art should be an experience. It should make you feel a million emotions and leave you baffled in some way or another. It should bring amusement and wonder, keeping you on your toes. The art I create is meant to make you think and to tell a story. Welcome to the experience.

One of the major influences in my art is the Dada art movement. Originating in Zurich, Switzerland in late 1910's, Dada was a combined effort between poets, painters, musicians, and more. Their main philosophy was to make art that means nothing; "Anti-Art" as they called it.

Collage is on the rise as an art form and it is being explored in new and intriguing ways every day. Collage art is not afraid to push the boundaries of what is socially acceptable. We cross lines that have been set by aristocratic elites and works that force us to ask again questions that we thought we had answered long ago. What is art? Who gets to decide what art is? Who is allowed to make it?

An important part of collage work is how it tells stories in a torn and fractured way that no other art form can quite touch. It can be an artist's way of sorting thoughts and memories, a way of combining them, and a way of connecting them to new ideas and philosophies. We look for the beautiful, painful, emotion-filled, gory, devastating, aesthetic, clever, and political. Above all, it is crucial that the message behind the work is significant and purposeful.

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