Sally Sheinman Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
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I started involving people in my work over many years by asking simple but BIG QUESTIONS such as: to name a painting; to tell me their wish; or to tell me what they worry about. I had incredible responses to all these questions but there was always something missing - I never really connected to the individual. Meeting that need finally happened in my latest project: WHAT MAKES YOU/YOU? .

Digital and social interactivity are both crucial aspects of this work. I capture what makes people different using interactive digital art. I’m fascinated by their similarities and diversity - genetically, culturally, socially, and individually. I’m also motivated by the infinite scope of the question and drawing people into a dialogue with my art practice and me. Creating each individual image on my iPad using the Brushes app takes me days. You might imagine that the iPad is fast, but actually it takes many hours to draw in fine detail. I often work pixel by pixel. The iPad is a new medium for artists. What makes using digital technology so exciting for me is that I literally have my canvas with me. No more studio and no more stuff! It is liberating to no longer be concerned with materials but to simply concentrate on an image. It has given me freedom in a way I never thought possible. I can work anywhere in the world and anyone can connect with me from across the world. I can work on a plane, train, a bus, while waiting for an appointment or watching television. WHAT MAKES YOU? YOU? Is an online meeting place, connecting individuals to my artwork. Coming up with an idea which is representative of a person takes time and experimentation. I do research and exploration into each image. For example if I get an answer from Korea - I will look at landscapes from Korea, their wonderful pottery or the marks of their language. All of this helps me in creating a unique image for that individual. Sometimes I spend a great deal of time on an image and then realise it is just not right and have to use the delete button. Eventually though something comes together and I begin to realise I am getting somewhere and slowly the image evolves. Another time the image comes almost instantly and I never hit the delete button. I want every image to fully respond to the answer a person has given and I will never publish until I am truly satisfied.

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